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New Year, New Reads

Winter Adult Reading Challenge 2024

Ring in the new year with some refreshing new reads!


Between January 2 and April 1, complete at least eight (8) of the categories below.  You can read or listen to books and audiobooks as well as eBooks and eAudiobooks.  

Fill in your name and contact information as well as the book title next to each category; one book title per category please.  Once completed form is turned in, you will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card from a local business.

Challenge ends at 5pm on April 1. Winner(s) will be drawn by lottery on April 4; the number of winners will depend on number of entries received and will be at least one (1), but will not exceed four (4) gift card winners.

Stop by the library to pick up the form and brochures or print the form and brochures by clicking the above and below blue buttons.


Name:______________________________________________Email: ___________________________________________________

  • Register for and attend a library program: _______________________________________________________________

  • Check out a museum pass, visit the museum, return pass: ______________________________________________

  • Select an  IVPL Database and research a topic of choice: ________________________________________________

  • Using Libby or Hoopla, check out an eBook, eAudiobook, or eMagazine:________________________ ________

  • New York Times Notables 2023 (see booklist): ____________________________________________________________

  • Non-fiction book about current events: __________________________________________________________________

  • Book from Bibliophile Diverse Spines (see booklist): _____________________________________________________

  • How-to book to learn something new (writing, cooking, photography, gardening, traveling, drawing…): ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Explores a culture different from your own: ______________________________________________________________

  • Recommended read: _____________________________________________________________________________________

  • Biography: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Book in a genre you don’t usually read: ___________________________________________________________________

  • Sparks inspiration or personal growth: ____________________________________________________________________

  • Presents a viewpoint different than your own: ____________________________________________________________

  • Award-Winning Book: _____________________________________________________________________________________

  • A book you previously did not finish: _____ ________________________________________________________________

  • Challenged or banned (see booklist):________________________________________________________________________

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