About the Foundation of Friends











The Foundation of Friends works alongside the Indian Valley Public Library Board of  Trustees, Library Director, and Development Officer on all projects.  General member meetings are held every other month.  Sub-committees made up of active volunteers also meet once a month in order to continue the progression of sub-tasks.  Currently, the largest

projects the Foundation of Friends is working on involves pre-planning for the capital campaign and the raising of  funds through the many fundraisers held through the library.  If you are interested in joining the foundation and would like to donate your time, please click the “Volunteers” tab to learn more about how your skills can help the Indian

Valley Public Library attain its goals of the provision of learning and library sustainability.

Vision:  To ensure that the Indian Valley Library is a dynamic force for community learning.

Mission:  Strengthen the financial resources of the Indian Valley Public Library to guarantee sustainability.


Foundation of Friends Officers:


James Styer, Chair

William G. (Bud) Leister, Jr., Vice-Chair

Betty Linko, Secretary

Stephanie Kazanjian, Treasurer

Foundation of Friends Board:

Janelle Adams

Joseph T. Devlin          

Albrecht P. (Al) Engel  

Marty Gephart      

Julian Hauck                   

Tim Mininger

Rick Stober                

Victor Verbeke, Esq.,



Margie Stern, IVPL Director

Nick Hagdorn, IVPL Development Officer                      


Beerfest Committee:                  

Jack Eells                            

Wendy Leshinskie                  

Pat McElwee                       

Tim Mininger                           

Bob Schoen                 

JoAnne Strom

Capital Fund Committee:

Al Engel  Co-chair       

Joe Devlin       

Alex Grande       

Julian Hauck

Bud Leister - Co-chair       

Suzi Leonard

Betty Linko - Co-chair       

Elaine Portock       

Penny Price             

Jim Styer                      

Victor Verbeke

Dinner In White Committee:

Cassie Balzer       

Pat Gill       

Suzi Leonard       

Wendy Leshinskie       

Danielle Mazza       

Elaine Portock

EITC Committee:

Stephanie Kazanjian , Co-chair                                              

Victor Verbeke, Co-chair

Membership Committee:

Pat Alderfer       

Joe Devlin --  Chairperson       

Al Engel

Karen Hosler Kispert 

Elaine Portock

Victor Verbeke

Wine Tasting Committee:

Loretto Davis       

Pat McElwee

Tim Mininger

Bob Schoen

JoAnne Strom