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IVPL offers museum passes that provide free admission to local museums and historic sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a pass?

Museum passes can be reserved online using a library card in good standing.  For further information at the Indian Valley Public Library, call 215-723-9109, ext. 2 or email

Is there a charge to reserve a pass?

There is no charge to borrow a museum pass.

Who can reserve a pass?

Valid library card holders who are 18 years or older and with library accounts in good standing can reserve a pass.

How many passes can I reserve per day/month?

One museum pass can be reserved per day per library card.  Each museum can be reserved one time per month, and up to three different museums can be reserved in a calendar month.

How far in advance can I reserve a pass?

Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance.

How many people are admitted to a museum per pass?

The membership conditions of each museum vary; to view these, click on the “?” next to the museum graphic in the “Reserve Pass By Museum” view.

What is the “Day of Use”?

“Day of Use” is the day you plan on visiting the museum.  Passes may be picked up beginning at 3pm the day prior to the “Day of Use” and need to be returned by 11am the day after the “Day of Use” (e.g. if the “Day of Use” is Friday, the pass can be picked up beginning at 3pm on Thursday through closing on Friday and returned by 11am on Saturday).  Passes that are due on Sundays need to be returned at 1pm when the library opens for the day.

How do I cancel my reservation?

Reservations can be canceled any time before the “Day of Use.”  If the reservation is canceled on the “Day of Use”, it will be considered a “No Show.”  You can cancel online or by calling Indian Valley Public Library at 215-723-9109, ext. 2.

What is a “No show”?

If you do not pick up your pass on, or cancel your reservation prior to, the “Day of Use”, it will constitute a “No Show.”  Because demand for passes is extremely high, a “No Show” will result in:

  • 1st No Show – new reservations are blocked for 30 days

  • 2nd No Show – existing reservations are canceled and new reservations are blocked for 30 days

  • 3rd No Show – existing reservations are canceled and new reservations are blocked for 90 days

Where do I pick up my pass?

Passes can be picked up at the library’s front desk, no earlier than 3pm prior to the “Day of Use”.

Do I need my library card to pick up the pass?

Yes, you will need to present the library card that you used when reserving the pass to pick it up.

Where do I return my pass?

Return passes to the library’s book drop by 11am after the “Day of Use” (e.g. if the “Day of Use” is Friday, return the pass by Saturday at 11am).  On Sundays, passes need to be returned at 1pm when the library opens.  If the library is closed, your pass will be due by 11am the next day the library is open.  Passes need to be returned on time so others may use them.  Thank you for your consideration of others who are waiting to use the pass.

What is the late fee or replacement fee?

The late fee for all passes is $20 per day.  If a pass is lost or damaged, the replacement fee is the cost of the pass.

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