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Library staff members are available to proctor written and online examinations.  Arrangements must be made in advance.​

Proctoring for written and online exams is available at Indian Valley Public Library.  It is the student’s responsibility to check with his or her institution to be sure the institution will accept our guidelines.  Our proctoring guidelines are as follows:

​Exams are proctored and completed between:

  • Monday through Thursday:  9:30 am - 8:30 pm 

  • Friday and Saturday: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

  • Sunday: 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Written and online exams are proctored either in the PA Room or the public area in the library.  Public computers will be used for online exams.

Librarians are qualified to proctor exams.  Any librarian scheduled to work the Reference Desk on the day of the exam may proctor the exam.

To schedule an exam, the student must:

  • Contact the library either stopping by the Reference Desk, call 215-723-9109, ext. 3, or email at least one day in advance of when the exam will be taken.  


Forms and exams may be sent to the following:

  • For WRITTEN Exams:

    • Email:

    • Phone: 215-723-9109, ext. 3;

    • Mail: Indian Valley Public Library, Attn: Written Exam Proctor, 100 East Church Avenue, Telford, PA 18969

  • For ONLINE Exams: 

Students must bring photo ID and any supplies needed to take the exam (pencils, pens, calculators, etc).

Written exams will be returned to the institution in 1 of 3 ways within 48 hours after the exam is completed.  Fees for these transactions are as follows:

  • PROCTORING FEE:  $25.00 per exam (payable by credit card, cash or check)

  • FAX:  $2.00 every 1-5 pages outgoing

  • MAIL:  The student is responsible for providing a prepaid envelope with sufficient postage.  Exams will be put in our out-going mail.

  • SCAN and E-MAIL:  Free

Proctoring Exams

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