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Homeschool Resources & Programs

Programs for Homeschoolers

Homeschool Art Showcase 
Stop by the Children's Room and the display case in the lobby to check out art from the homeschool community. Join us for an optional Meet the Artist night on Monday, September 25 at 6 pm. 
Contact Nicole ( with any questions. 


Homeschool Volunteer Opportunity

Tuesday, October 17 from 1 to 3 PM

Join us to complete projects and activities to support local and nationwide charities and organizations.

Homeschool Hangout 
Tuesday, December 19 from 1 to 3 PM

Homeschool families of all ages are invited to hang out in the Community Room.  IVPL will provide a variety of building materials, including Legos, Duplos, K’Nex, Magna Tiles, and more!  No registration is required. 

Livestream Events

Join us in IVPL's Community Room for live-streamed presentations. During these presenter is virtual and people can view the program at IVPL. No registration is required. 

Montana Dinosaurs 101 by Museum of the Rockies

Wednesday, September 27 at 1 PM

Join us to learn all about Montana’s dinosaurs! From Tyrannosaurus rex to Triceratops, Montana is home to some of the world’s most famous dinosaur discoveries. In this program, learn where some of the Museum of the Rockies’ best fossils have been discovered in the state and why Montana’s geology is perfect for discovering some of the world’s most famous dinosaurs.


Weather Wow! Up in the Air by UCAR Center for Science Education

Wednesday, October 18 at 1 PM

Did you know a typical cumulonimbus cloud can weigh 105.8 MILLION pounds?! How does it stay up in the sky?! Explore how the sun affects our Earth’s weather with an interactive experiment comparing hot and cold air. Transform your students into science sleuths and cloud detectives as we explore this mystery together and learn how air behaves when it changes temperature.


What's in Poe's Trunk? by The Poe Museum

Thursday, October 26 at 1 PM

Students will identify, analyze, evaluate, and interpret primary sources to see what they can learn about Edgar Allan Poe and the world he lived in. In this activity, we will examine our Young Poet's Trunk, focused on Poe's childhood in Richmond, VA.


Spiders: Participate in an Anansi Folktale using Sign Language by Author Valerie Marsh

Tuesday, October 31 at 1 PM

Use sign language and participate in a folktale story about spiders and their webs! Then become an arachnologist (spider scientist) and learn some fun spiders facts with Miss Liz the Science Wiz. Your students will simulate real spider behavior while exploring a spider web that they have created! Students will be able to retell our sign language story and do our science experiments at home.


A Journey Through the Life of Helen Keller by Helen Keller Foundation

Wednesday, November 22 at 1 PM

Explore the Life of Helen Keller with her great, grand niece.


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