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Foundation of Friends in Action











Vision:  To ensure that the Indian Valley Public Library is a dynamic force for community learning.

Mission:  Strengthen the financial resources of the Indian Valley Public Library to guarantee sustainability.

The Foundation of Friends was established in 2019. Their goal is to provide funds to and ensure long-term financial security for the library.  Below are the projects the FOF has funded as of November 2023.  You may join and be a part of the mission here

Library Lawn Signs

This marketing campaign helped spread awareness and generate support for IVPL.

The signs were so popular a second order had to be placed. The FOF was happy to

fund this project.

First Chapter Book Club (Grades 4-6)


                                                  Each month childrend grades 4-6  are invited to experience an exciting new book. They read                                                         the first chapter aloud and explore the book further through writing, drawing,                                                                                  creating, and discussion. Paperback copies of the book will be provided so they can continue                                                      the reading journey after they leave. 















Chess Clocks


The members of the Beginner's Chess Club are serious about improving their

skills and mastering the game. That means timing their matches just like the pros.

They recently found themselves in need of chess clocks and requested

some assistance with funding. The Foundation of Friends was happy to answer

the call. These helpful tools were purchased for the club in July 2022 and they

began using them immediately in preparation for a tournament in October.














IVPL Billboard

The library was looking to increase awareness in the community. The FOF was kind enough to purchase this billboard at Stover Field which highlights many local businesses and organizations along the outfield fence. The sign went up in August 2022.




































IVPL Video Series


The library offers an abundance of things to do - both in-person and online - and wanted to find a way to showcase what it exactly provides to members of the community. When it was decided that video would be the best medium to do that, the Foundation of Friends was quick to offer its support and made it their special project for 2022. 





Mr. Robbie shows off just a fraction of what our children's programming has to offer as well as his musical skills. He, Ms. Angela, and Ms. Nicole provide a wealth of fun and enriching activities for children in our community.

Long-time volunteer Gene Mattes explains why he chooses to get involved. He has been a volunteer for

over 20 years. Gene was inspired by his wife Carol who also volunteered prior to his time here. 


Christie has been coming to the Indian Valley Public Library since she was a child. Now a writer, she uses our facilities for a quiet space - as well as free wifi - to get work done. When approached to take part in this video series, she was thrilled to give back to IVPL. 

Development Officer Nick Hagdorn discusses the importance of access to technology that IVPL offers to its patrons.  










Lucy loves books - both fiction and non-fiction!


Dolores has been a patron for at least 30 years and a member of the Mystery Book Club since 2004. In this short video, she highlights some of the things she loves about IVPL.












There is something for everyone here at the library. Our events calendar is filled with a variety of programs and activities, as the video on the left highlights.


Coming to IVPL is a tradition in Christie's family. She came here as a child and now enjoys the library with her own children!

Book Vending Machine

In September of 2021, the Foundation of Friends purchased

a book vending machine for the Linda Beck Children's
Children can earn tokens by participating in a
challenge. Tokens can then be redeemed for
books of their choice from the vending machine

The vending machine has been very popular since being

delivered. Below is just a sampling of the thank you cards

the kids made for the FOF.







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