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IVPL by the Numbers

Libraries Have Bills too! 

The Indian Valley Public Library has been a staple the Indian Valley for over 70 years. We are funded by FranconiaLower SalfordSalfordSouderton, and Telford. It started in a little brick building and has grown exponentially in the decades since. Our goal is to enrich the minds of our community and promote lifelong learning.

We do this through a variety of services, resources, and programs that cover an

assortment of topics through a variety of mediums. Books, magazines and other

publications, music, and movies are available to our patrons both digitally and in hard



Though membership to the library is free,  we have expenses like anyone else.

Just a sample of them can be seen in the list to the right. This is just a snapshot of

our expenses - it does not include staff salaries, healthcare, and retirement plans - but gives you an idea of the types of expenses we have. 

How do we pay for this?

As you can see, IVPL gets its funding from multiple sources. Public and government support both play a vital role in helping the library pay for its expenses.  We would not be able to serve the community without it.

What does a library card get you?

An IVPL library card gives you access to a virtually unlimited amount of resources. In addition to the library's collection, your library card gives you access to things like  Hoopla, Libby, Mango Languages, and so much more — all of which are free (for you). And as you can see, you use it. The infographic to the right is a snapshot of how much our patrons use the services provided by the library.

IVPL also offers a variety of clubs, activities, and lectures. Book discussion groups, yoga classes, lectures, board games, and chess groups are some of the programming we offer on a weekly basis.

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