Storybook STEAM

Join Ms. Angela on Facebook each week as she shares a few versions of the same fairy tale.  Then, come back to this site to try some STEAM challenges that tie into the story.  Don't forget, you can also visit this page all summer long to view past videos and challenges.  Want to share what you created?  Take a picture and email it to  We would love to see it!


Challenge 1: Pretend you are searching for your Cinderella.  Make a wanted poster to help find her/him.  Create your own or find a template here.

Challenge 2: Design any type vehicle to get Cinderella to the ball.  Bonus: using materials at home, build your creation.

Challenge 3: Re-write the story of Cinderella using modern technology like computers, smart phones, and social media.  Write, draw or tell someone your new story.

Jack & the Beanstalk

Challenge 1: Design a way for Jack (or the Giant) to get down from the Beanstalk safely.  Some examples are parachutes, rocket boosters, or possibly a something soft to land on.  Extra challenge: build it using materials at home.

Challenge 2: Find a recipe for something Jack can make with all those beans.  Click here for ideas.

Challenge 3: If Gold is worth $1000 per ounce and eggs weigh 10 oz, how much is a golden egg worth?  How much is a bag of 10 eggs worth?  A dozen? 50? 100?  Feeling stumped?  Check out this online calculator.

Three Little Pigs

Challenge 1: Design a house that would withstand high winds or an earthquake.  Extra challenge: build it using materials at home and test it by simulating a tornado, hurricane or earthquake.

Challenge 2: Watch the video again with family or friends.  Poll them to see which story they believe/like best.  Create a graph of the results.

Challenge 3: Pick your favorite fairy tale and recreate it from another character’s perspective. Write down your new story, draw a picture, or tell it to someone.

Garden Stories

Challenge 1: Design a garden.  What would you grow?  Draw a picture of your garden.  Extra bonus: design and build a machine to help you pull out a giant vegetable.

Challenge 2: Play the Roll a Mr. Potato Head Game.  Click here to see an example of this game.

Challenge 3: Click here to test your knowledge of Potato Trivia.  Find the answers here.

Challenge 4: Click here to go on a virtual field trip to a dairy farm.   Tell someone a fun fact you learned. 

Gingerbread Boy

Challenge 1: Go outside and have someone trace your body with sidewalk chalk.  Make yourself into a gingerbread man.  You can also make one out of paper.  Click here for a printable template.

Challenge 2: Make some gingerbread play-doh with this recipe.

Challenge 3: Design a boat or other vehicle to get the Gingerbread Man across the river.  Extra challenge: build the boat and test it out in your bathtub or sink.  How much weight can it hold?

Challenge 4: Print the gingerbread template above.  Use your gingerbread man to measure things around your house.

Hansel & Gretel

Challenge 1: Design a house made out of candy or some other food.  Extra challenge: with your parents' permission, build the house.

Challenge 2: Go on a nature walk using your senses.  Write or draw a picture about what you saw, heard, touched and smelled.

Challenge 3: Draw a map to help Hansel and Gretel get out of the woods.  Pretend you are a GPS and give them step by step directions home.

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Challenge 1: Design a bridge to get the goats to safety.  Extra bonus, build a bridge out of materials you have at home and test it to see how much weight it will hold.

Challenge 2: Use the libraries e-Resources page to find out more about goats.  Share one fact you learned.

Challenge 3: The goats went across the bridge to get grass.  What would it take to entice you to challenge the troll?  Write, draw, of tell a story about it.

Little Red Riding Hood

Challenge 1: Design a way for Little Red Riding Hood to get safely through the woods.  Extra challenge: build you invention using materials from home.

Challenge 2: Plan a healthy snack that Little Red Riding Hood can take to her sick grandmother.  Find a recipe here.  Extra challenge: make the recipe for your family.

Challenge 3: Learn about wolves here.  Share something you learned.

Tales Around the World

Challenge 1: Write, draw or tell your own trickster tale.

Challenge 2: Read a fairy tale from another part of the world.  Find eBooks here.

Challenge 3: Design a shoe that would withstand a night of dancing.