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NoveList Plus

Looking for your next book? Want to find more authors like your favorites? NoveList Plus has all your reading answers. Find books that match your interests, read-alikes for your favorite titles and authors, or ready-made book lists on your favorite genres. With NoveList Plus you'll fill up your to-read list in no time!

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Books and Authors

Discover fiction and non-fiction books that match your interests! Books and Authors (powered by Gale's popular What Do I Read Next? series) is for readers from every level of reading proficiency and enables users to explore the endless possibilities and combinations of books, authors, genres and topics from more than 240,000 titles.

Search for your next great read.

Gale Literature Databases

Search Something About the Author and Literature Criticism databases.  Research author biographies, find book reviews, access literary works, journal articles, literature criticism and analysis, and much more.  

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