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Need a laugh?

Wednesdays are great days for laughs. If you want to have some fun this week, check out some of Mo Willems Pigeon books.  My favorite is The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog.  You can find the pigeon books, along with Willems' other books, in the Children's Room under E Willems.

 After you read some Pigeon books, have some pigeon fun here.




Review of YA Book

TAMAR, A Novel of Espionage, Passion, & Betrayal

By Mal Peet

Review by Susan Miller, Teen Services Library Assistant

The subtitle clues us in from the outset that throughout all the mystery and drama of the resistance fighters, and all the heroism the main characters exhibit, at the core this story is about personal betrayal.

The story is narrated by a contemporary girl who grew up extremely attached to her grandfather, who has committed suicide. This was a man with whom she did puzzles & codes, and after whom she was named. The Tamar was a river and also the code name her grandfather was assigned as a very young resistance fighter in the war. In a riddle inside a riddle, she is left a box when he dies. In it lie the darkest secrets of his life, which she pieces together on a road trip down the Tamar River & through the adventures of his life, accompanied by her Dutch cousin.

Originally set in Holland in 1944, where 2 Englishmen have parachuted into Nazi occupied Holland to organize the Dutch Resistance, we travel through time as well as geography. One man assumed the identity of a doctor and lived in an insane asylum transmitting coded messages, the other on a farm with a woman he lived with in a prior trip & with whom he shared a deep love.

This is a complex and disturbing book, one with profound lessons—which is why it won the Carnegie. It examines the price of war to those who fight it & the generations who follow.

"I belong to a generation whose fathers were soldiers, sailors, or airmen during the Second World War," says Mal Peet. "Some of these men were willing to talk about their experiences, some were not. My own father wasn't. (Or perhaps I didn't want to listen.) A friend of mine had a father whose wartime experiences were actually secret. He worked underground for the British secret services in Nazi-occupied Holland. He still had his 'silks,' the sheets of code used for his radio transmissions. These scraps of fabric were my starting point for Tamar. It's a story about secrets, lies, false identities, coded messages. It's also, I hope, a plea for forgiveness.” Sins of the fathers must ultimately be forgiven! Especially now, when we seem to have forgotten the lessons of war, his message seems particularly relevant.

Cinco De Mayo Storytime

Come to the library on Wednesday May 6 for our Wednesday Lunch Bunch story time. We are going to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with the following stories:

Off We Go to Mexico by Laurie Krebs.
Lucas and His Loco Beans: A Bilingual Tale of the Mexican Jumping Beans by Ramona Moreno Winner
Big Bushy Mustache by Gary Soto "In order to look like his father, Ricky borrows a mustache from a school costume, but hwen he loses it on the way home his father comes up with a replacement" (from copyright page).
Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto "Maria tries on her mother's wedding ring while helping make tamales for a Christmas family get-together. Panic ensues when, hours later, she realizes the ring is missing" (from copyright page).

After we read some stories we will play with Mexican Jumping Beans (not the real ones because they are illegal in the U.S.) and we will do the Mexican Hat Dance.

At Home you could:

1. Read some of these books you got from the library:

For preschool- 3rd grade
Cinco De Mayo: Celebrating Hispanic Pride by Carol Gnojewski
Celebrate Cinco De Mayo by Joanne Mattern
Cinco De Mayo: Count and Celebrate by Frederick McKissack
The Twenty Five Mixtec Cats by Matthew Gollub
Butterfly Boy by Virginia Kroll
Erandi's Braids by Antonio Hernandez Madrigal
Josefina by Jeanette Winter

3rd Grade - 6th Grade
Faith and Electric Dogs
by Patrick Jennings
Santiago's Silver Mine by Eleanor Clymer
Tiger's Fall by Molly Bang
Mexican Treasure Hunt by Linda Lowery Keep

6th-12th Grade
The Crossing by Gary Paulsen

2. Sing some of the songs you find here:

3.CRAFT: Make a Maracca

You Need:
empty plastic bottle or jar with lid
beads, beans, or pebbles

* Make sure your empty jar is clean.
* Fill jar with beans (or other noisy materials)
* attach lid tightly
* Tie ribbon around top
* Paint the outside of the jar
* shake shake shake! and make some music
4.FOOD: Make some Mexican Hot Chocolate

(recipe from dltk's website
Mexican Hot Chocolate
• 2 ounces unsweetened chocolate (2 one ounce squares)
• 1/2 tsp vanilla
• 1 tsp ground cinnamon
• 4 Tbsp heavy cream
• 2 cups milk
• 2 egg yolks
• 2 Tbsp sugar
• Optional: cinnamon sticks to stir
1. In a saucepan, stir together chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and cream. Heat over LOW! heat, stirring
constantly until chocolate melts.
2. Slowly add the two cups of milk, while stirring. Mix well.
3. Let warm over low heat -- DON'T LET IT BOIL!
4. Beat egg yolks and sugar until foamy. Slowly pour about 1/4 of the chocolate mixture into the egg
mixture, stirring constantly (we do this so the eggs heat slowly and you don't end up with scrambled eggs
in your Hot Chocolate). Pour the egg/chocolate mixture back into the saucepan. Beat until mixture is
5. Serve immediately with cinnamon sticks or spoons to stir with.
6. Makes 4 servings.

5. FOOD: Make Some Tacos For Dinner

(Recipe from RecipeZaar


for tacos and toppings


  1. Brown beef with onion and garlic, and drain any accumulated fat.
  2. Add spices and water, and cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, until mixture thickens (or warms through if not using flour/masa).
  3. Serve meat in tacos (warm taco shells in over for 5-7 minutes until they crisp, or warm tortillas briefly in microwave) with toppings of choice.


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